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When I was in third grade, I wrote my first poem–a haiku about the color yellow. I’m certain I did not choose the theme color of my poem because yellow has never been my favorite color. I remember struggling with yellow things I liked and words that fit the 5-7-5 syllable form of a haiku. […]

What color do you feel like today? As I consider this question, snow is falling outside. My weekly cleaning is done. I have accomplished many of my goals for the week ahead of schedule. But, the pantry and refrigerator require restocking, and I should gather donations from the ramshackle basement. I would say I’m some […]

Five Stars Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann chronicles the fascinating, horrific true-life account about the mass killings of Osage Native Americans in Oklahoma during the 1920s. In an effort to assist in the corrupted investigation, the government brought in their own form of law enforcement commonly known today as the FBI. Told […]

I recently learned in my side-interest about typology that four animals have been attributed to the four main sleep patterns. Although it was easy to distinguish who the animal characters are in my family, I think seeing these distinctions helped me to once again understand my family habits and routines in a new way. This […]

Sometimes my sons bring up complicated topics when I am getting ready to head off to bed. Such was the case recently as one of my sons and I were talking about scenarios in specific social situations when a small thing becomes a big problem. At certain times, I find it easier to explain complicated […]

Five Stars I loved the intricacy of detail within Richard Powers’ Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel The Overstory. The layering and connecting of characters throughout this book is akin to the age-rings of a tree. These are timeless stories that crisscross eras with the symbolic idealism and realism that has shaped America’s roots. It is a book to […]

When my youngest son told me that his final assignment for his college writing class was to write a response to the question, “What kind of writer am I?,” my heart soared. I wanted to write that response. Not for him. But, for myself. I’m not sure if every writer feels this way, but I […]

If you were to teach as a career, what would you teach? Recently, one of my nieces said she wanted me to teach her math. My youngest son balked and said, “You want my mom to teach you math?” I could have been offended by my son’s incredulous statement. But, it is well-known in my […]

Five Stars If anyone is asking What if? as we enter a new year, I highly recommend Charles Swindoll’s What If…God Has Other Plans? Swindoll guides readers through eleven what-if scenarios with a biblical perspective. While I couldn’t relate to every situation, I could think of at least one person in my life who has […]