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The “No Events” Day

“How would our marriages be transformed if we learned to listen to God on behalf of our spouses?” Gary Thomas, Sacred Parenting

My calendar revealed a rare occurrence on Monday. “No events.” I couldn’t remember the last time I had seen those words, especially on a Monday! Even the laundry baskets were less than a quarter full. My organizational mindset turned on full-power Sunday night as I anticipated an “open day.”

Inevitably, I woke up late. Already engrossed in the television, the kids lounged on the furniture like dream-laden zombies while I ironed a pair of pants for my husband before he rushed out the door for work. But, as I impatiently waited for my Keurig to spout out my first cup of coffee, the phone rang nano-seconds after he left. I hadn’t even gotten a first sip when he said, “I just need to talk.”

Isn’t that my line?

I listened as he shared concerns about our mortgage, sparked by this week’s congressional budget vote, a recent Sleep-Number bed purchase, and a company dinner with the board of directors that night. As the kids milled around me in directionless stupors and my mental piles grew to Mount Everest proportions, I reminded him the government has been going to hell in a handbasket since the time of the Founding Fathers, we should cancel the bed purchase if he was losing sleep over it, and maybe the dinner would provide enlightening information about the future. As far as the house, all I could think about was getting our books organized and shelving the financial one. Seemingly placated, we decided to move on with our days.

When I called later in the morning to ask him a question, I could hear in his voice he still wanted to talk. I suggested lunch. “That would be nice,” was his eager reply. So, I swallowed my disappointment about losing my “no events” day, ventured into the pending storms, and enjoyed some comfort-food and kidless conversation. On the way back to his office, my sweet husband confessed he wasn’t looking forward to the dinner, mostly because he wanted to spend some time with me.

In retrospect, I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t listened to his need for my company and undivided attention. I may have had more time for sorting my books, but would the day have been better for it? When I needed encouragement later about our son’s algebraic attitude, would he have given it as readily? Maybe. Maybe not.

When I read the above quotation by Gary Thomas Tuesday morning, I simply smiled, thankful I had listened to God’s prompting. My time with Him had been shoved aside, yet He turned my attention in the right direction. I also marveled at my teenage son’s willingness to set his algebra aside and to make his brothers lunch, so I could meet his father’s need for his mother’s companionship. It meant accomplishing our Mount Everest piles later than we liked, but it assured all of us continued the climb together, ending in a “no event” ascent for the day.

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  1. I read this the other day – I’ve been listening to Roger Miller lately and this song put me in mind of your story.

    Artist: Miller Roger
    Song: Little Green Apples

    And i wake up in the morning with my hair down in my eyes and she says hi
    And i stumble to the breakfast table while the kids are going off to school, goodbye.
    And she reaches out and takes my hand and squeezes it and says how you feeling hon?
    And i look across at smiling lips that warm my heart, and see my morning sun.

    And if that’s not loving me, then all i’ve got to say,
    God didn’t make the little green apples, and it don’t rain in indianapolis in the summer time.
    And there’s no such thing as dr. seuss or disney land and mother goose, no nursery rhymes.
    God didn’t make the little green apples, and it don’t rain in indianapolis in the summer time.
    And when myself is feeling low, i think about her face and go and ease my mind.

    Sometimes i call her up, at home, knowing she’s busy.
    And ask her if she can get away, meet me and maybe we can grab a bite to eat.
    And she drops what she’s doing and she hurries down to meet me, and i’m always late.
    But she sits waiting patiently, and smiles when she first sees me, because she’s made that way.

    And if that ain’t loving me, then all i’ve got to say,
    God didn’t make the little green apples, and it don’t snow in minneapolis when the winter comes.
    And there’s no such thing as make-believe, puppy dogs or autumn leaves, no bb guns.
    God didn’t make the little green apples, and it don’t snow in minneapolis when the winter comes.

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