What was your most memorable childhood vacation?

My most memorable childhood vacation was the one we took to Ruttger’s in Bemidji, Minnesota. Dad offered to take us to Europe, but we kids and Mom voted for reading as many books as possible in a week while sitting on the beach. It was the last vacation we took as a family of five before my parents and brother moved to Ohio. It reminds me that it isn’t always the places you go, but the people who go with you that make journeys most memorable.

2 thoughts on “What was your most memorable childhood vacation?”

  1. I would have definitely gone to Europe!!

    I am not sure – most of our vacations were either to the Black Hills or to the Rockies in Colorado and they all blend together in a happy way – I couldn’t tell you what year we had the embarrassing father incident at the Royal Gorge or the year the bison invade our campground, I don’t recall when we visited Buffalo Bill Cody museum or which year we camped at the high elevation campground. I have no idea which year the Garvey joke began (although I think that was a year that we were going to the Black Hills) and I don’t know when I began plucking leg hairs out with a tweezers while waiting for Mom and Dad to buy food for supper.

    I do know I have lots of fabulous memories and the photos from those trips are burned into my mind.

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