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Which of your ancestors would you most like to meet?

I have three.

  1. Dr. Japhet Hunt who bound up George Washington’s wounds after a battle during the French and Indian War.
  2. Anna Ritter Olsdotter who traveled from Sweden in 1870 to marry Andrew Olson who sent her a map showing how to get from St. Anthony, Minnesota to his homestead near St. Francis. She walked the 34 miles to the homestead and, when she saw he was not at home, she went in and made his dinner. (This is only one of the stories about this amazing woman!)
  3. Alfred E. Gale’s last diary entry was about my pending birth. I wasn’t born for another week. He heard I was born and died the next morning.

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    1. According to family lore, Andrew and Anna were married the day after she arrived. They didn’t understand a word the Justice of the Peace said during the ceremony! Andrew died nine years later, so Anna raised six children alone. She had a few pigs and some cattle. She fetched at least one cow back from a neighbor who took it (cattle roamed freely). The neighbor spouted off at her, but she didn’t understand a word and simply took the cow home. There was some incident about cranberry picking in someone else’s marsh, but friendships were developed afterwards. She also carded wool and used a spinning wheel to knit and make rugs. Perhaps that was her livelihood. Much later, when she was a grandmother, she went after a bull with a broom. Obviously, she was a brave, spunky lady!

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