Which TV show would you pick to live inside for a week?

If I could live inside a TV show for a week, it would be Little House on the Prairie. I would run down the hill with Mary, my long hair swishing in the wind. I would stick my tongue out at Nellie and win the school spelling bee. Laura and I would fish after school. Ma would teach me how to bake bread and tell me to just be me and not try to be anyone else. I would sit by Pa’s knee while he played the fiddle. (Off camera, I would teach Michael Landon how to really play the violin.) I would cry at the end of every episode and want to watch each just one more time. All my adventures would be written in my rememberance book. At the end of the week, I would thank all the actors and writers for giving me the favorite show of my childhood that I continue to relive as I share it with my children.

3 thoughts on “Which TV show would you pick to live inside for a week?”

  1. I dare you to pick “24.” Just think how exhausting it would be! You should do your next post on what favorite book you would like to live in for a week. I bet you couldn’t choose just one.

  2. I would most definitely not pick “24”! That would be more intensity than I could handle. Although, I suppose my stunt double would be doing all the work, so wouldn’t it be akin to watching all the action rather than living it? If I were going to pick a more current show, I wouldn’t mind living “No Ordinary Family.” I like the idea of being a mom with super speed. 🙂

    Great suggestion to list what favorite book I would like to live in for a week. You’re right that it will be hard to choose just one, but I do like a challenge. 🙂

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