If Only I Had Known Hating Math Is a Generational Sin: Solving for “X” without Knowing “Y.”

Before I let more letters represent the equation to success in math, I need to go back and address a key algebraic point.

Often in algebra, we must solve for “x” without knowing “y.” Hopefully, we know some number to help us solve for “x.” But, there are times when even that number hides amid graphs, quadrants, and number lines. The slope, the rise, and the run may make us feel we are on a roller coaster. Sometimes we are a parabola without an origin. How, we wonder, could that be the right answer?

Hovering in mid-air without a clear understanding of why is scary. I can’t speak for my son, but, when I realized he was floating through algebra without understanding where he was going, I knew I had to help him get back to zero before I could let him soar into even more dangerous, geometric badlands.

We had to go back to some basic training. Some fraction of the whole was missing. Once I figured out those valuable components, my son and I could begin conquering algebra again.

Trying to understand the unknowns of life is similar. As I have been reading Job this week and as we near the ten year anniversary of 9-11, it is difficult to know “y” when the “x” factor of suffering still may be unknown.

So, we must go back to the basic training of our mustard seed faith in God. We need to see what in us keeps us from comprehending the “y.” Sometimes we have to be content to hang in mid-air, knowing God holds us there for a reason. Only then can we find our answer rests in Him.

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