Monday night we got the news that vandals broke into our camper and several others. My husband went up yesterday to assess the damage. To our relief, they only broke our patio door and stole one TV and our old Xbox. Our neighbors experienced far worse from the senseless decimation of glass shower doors and ceiling fans to the disturbing pilfering of liquor and guns. One in his “brilliance” urinated on a chair and another drove by in a stolen golf cart, boasting in the afternoon sun. With the DNA evidence and the confiscated golf cart, it is more likely they will be prosecuted. Admittedly, my first thought would be jail time if they peed on one of my chairs!

But, my second thought is that they were obviously looking for something of value for immediate gratification. They can help themselves to our TV and Xbox if it kept them from damaging more than the door. I’m not disappointed they are gone!

My third thought is, even with the evidence, I am skeptical of conviction in the courts, given the red tape, plea bargaining society we have created. I hope conviction comes in the form of them coming forward and taking responsibility for what they have done or at least that their parents to do it for them. Wishful thinking!

So, my concluding thoughts are to determine my own response to the situation. I weigh what was taken against what was not. Even though our place of solace was violated, no one lost their lives. Last year, a fire took the life of a patron neighbor and severely burned his wife. What happened Sunday night does not come close to that loss! I am convinced something greater must come out of this stealing and destroying of “stuff.” Lives may be lost if I do not respond as I should. I will thank God for sparing us from more than we could handle financially and emotionally. I will teach my children what to value, protect, and respect. I will pray for my neighbors’ ability to recover their losses, especially their well-being. I will pray for those looking for something they will not find by pillaging. I will hope God convicts their hearts if the courts fail to do so and claims their lives for His greater purpose.

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