You know you’re a home school mom when…

  • Your kids say they don’t want to go to the grocery store with you because they have “had enough Mom-time this week.”
  • You feel dissed until you realize…
  • You are about to go somewhere ALONE..
  • Which makes you feel giddy and guilty at the same time.
  • The gal at the grocery store’s coffee shop says, “No kids today?”
  • Three minutes later, a woman stocking produce says, “No kids today?”
  • You grab extra potatoes for a science lab.
  • You begin making a mental list of reasons “you know you’re a home school mom when” and then have to backtrack from aisle six to produce because you forgot salad mix.
  • You can’t wait to post it on Facebook to prove wrong all those who say “home schooled kids don’t have friends,”
  • Which makes you laugh inwardly about the Messy Monday video you shared on Facebook yesterday.
  • You decide to blog this list and the video because the whole world should know the truth.
  • When you arrive home, your teenager offers to help you put away the groceries, which confirms your conviction you must be doing something right.
  • Your husband points out alliteration while your other two kids are listening to an audiobook.
  • Your youngest child reminds you about the popsicle sticks needed for this week’s French/art project.
  • You are rejuvenated and ready for come-what-may on Monday.

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