Beyond Brown Fences

Thursday I was helping my son with ASD with his writing assignment. He had to describe what he can see out his bedroom window. Writing and describing was too overwhelming, so I offered to ask questions and write down his answers. Our conversation went something like the following.

“What do you see out your window?”
“I see a fence.”
“What can you tell me about the fence?”
“I see a brown fence.”
“What does the fence look like?”
“It looks like a brown fence.”
“Does the fence remind you of anything?”
“It reminds me of a brown fence.”
“Can you tell me anything else about the fence?”
“Mom, I’m getting tired.”

I hoped my questions would help him see beyond the brown fence–the metaphors, the hidden meanings, the story behind broken and replaced boards, the reason we put up fences in the first place. But, if I look at it from his perspective, I am the one who did not see what was right in front of me.

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