On Thankfulness

I am thankful for…

…the carpets getting cleaned. It means my twelve-year-old, dog-stained, kid-trampled carpet will look…better than it did this morning. Moving the free-standing furniture and superfluous piles to the basement may result in a cleaner house overall. The furniture may adorn different corners, which could revitalize our antique, eclectic collection. Preferably, most of the piles will be jammed in the garbage bin! Reality will resume in less than two weeks when once again dog prints decorate the stairs and paper trails line furniture tops. The kids may compete to see who can cram the most in their desks and still get the drawers closed. But, by my maternal authority, the house must remain pristine until we host Thanksgiving dinner. After all, I need to prove to my parents I know how to keep my rooms clean (and prevent them from looking in my sock drawer).

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