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Daily Prompt: Connect the Dots

A normally quiet kid, Gabriel knew him to be a genuinely curious person. The third complete sentence on page 82 from The River by Michael Neale

(Since I misread the page number, I thought I should post based on the correct one!)

I am a normally quiet person and genuinely curious. Certainly I can voice my opinion under certain conditions, but most of the time I prefer to defer. I have a cautious curiousity. I reserve exploration for scholarly pursuits and nature walks. But, if no one is looking, I might even surprise myself by standing at the edge of a cliff  and singing a duet with my echo.


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2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Connect the Dots

  1. I don’t live near any cliffs, although it probably wouldn’t matter since I don’t like heights, but I DO love to sing at top of my voice in large empty rooms where my voice echos. 🙂 OK – truth be told, I like to sing anywhere at any time, just for the pure joy of singing… I LOVE to sing praises to God, love to sing worship songs, and I even love singing silly children’s songs too. I just love making joyful noise. I said all that just to say I enjoyed your post, and it made me smile and start ruminating… Thank you for posting & for visiting my site. 🙂

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