Editorial, Post A Day

Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight

Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding, belly-twisting nervousness: what caused the adrenaline? Was it justified? How did you respond?

Do hens fight? Do hens have flight? I did a little research last night–taking flight from this prompt rather than fight to write–and I discovered…

Hens do fight.

Hens do have flight.

Based on my limited late-night research, I realize why I chose to home school my three boys. Every morning I sent my sons to school, I told them what I knew was an outright lie. “It will be all right.” At home, I was a broody hen, pacing my roost until my clutch returned from another day in the battery cage that pecked away at their self-esteem. They now enjoy a more free-range education, and they are happier and healthier. But, will I, as some hens do, lose interest? Just try getting me to move off my nest!

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