Advent 2012: Holding Our Peace

Today we reflect on holding our peace.Peace

Matthew 1:18-24: Joseph Accepts Jesus as His Son.

Poetic Reading: Re-read the Peace poems

Family Reading: Bartholomew’s Passage –Week Two: Saturday

In the above passage, we glimpse the turmoil in Joseph’s heart about his pending marriage to Mary. After angelic assurance, he fulfilled his commitment to Mary. He also accepted the role of earthly father to the Son of God. He could have said, “No.” “Speak now for forever hold your peace” is a phrase heard on many wedding days inviting the objections to the joining of two people in marriage. Although this phrase would not be used until centuries later, Joseph had the right under Jewish law to object. Yet, he chose not to speak publicly or privately against his betrothed. Instead, he held his peace in the matter, knowing it was God’s will. A few months later, that obedience provided Joseph with a unique privilege. In a Bethlehem stable, Joseph held the Prince of Peace in his arms.

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