Post A Day

Daily Prompt: Me Time

What is your idea Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?

An ideal Saturday morning begins with nothing on our schedule. I sit at the kitchen table, greeting my family of bleary-eyed bed-heads, while I sip my second cup of coffee. I read or email a weekly update to my family. Even though my mom is copied on the email, I call my parents and visit for an hour. I consider all the options for the day and settle on the ones that will give me the best head start for Monday.

Today was not that kind of Saturday.

I managed to have some coffee and a protein bar. I greeted the one child who was awake before I left the house at 8:30. Rain pattered on my windshield as I drove to our church for choir practice. We practiced for two and a half hours for our double service performance tomorrow. Then I braved the throng of Christmas shoppers and emerged without draining my bank account and with my purchasing goals. Once home, I ate lunch while mediating a sibling dispute. Within an hour, I was driving back to church to drop off one child for his program practice for tomorrow’s afternoon performance.

It sounds tiring as I recount the morning, but the paragraph above is just the list. Like the many lists of the season, it leaves out the joy of singing with my choir family, the love by praying and encouraging those with illnesses and injuries, the peace in finding the best gifts for the best price, and the hope that next week I will enjoy an ideal Saturday morning.

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