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One Good Thing Every Day: July 23-31, 2013

Somehow organizing piles in one area results in piles accumulating in another. Such is the case as I realize the pile of days since my last blog. Rather than back track, I will stack one good day on top of another. Each day has revealed its own treasures lurking in dusty corners.

For instance, I discovered seven boxes of hand-me-downs my youngest son’s spurting limbs outgrew. I bagged these with the too-small items from his bursting dresser drawers and bestowed them on my appreciative neighbor.

Then, we began sorting his personal treasures. While we mourned the early demise of some members from his action figure army, others were reunited with their comrades, belongings, and amputated limbs. Some were dispatched to assignments in other children’s toy boxes. Others remain in their honorable ranks. Two of the five toy drawers await new troops. Mission accomplished!

Bookshelves came next. To my surprise, only a few went into the donation bag. Each boy filled one “Keep” box, and two boxes per child will be re-shelved after their rooms are repainted. Secret book-lovers revealed!

I downloaded Motivated Moms for my Android over the weekend. I have used their e-book for several years. But, I already love the app, especially for color-coding  and assigning chores, moving and adding tasks, and “keeping house.” My oven is clean, my pantry is organized, and my closet is straightened. Highly recommended app!

Of course, I added “Update Blog” to my daily list. Check!


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