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Fight Song

What songs sound a rally cry in my heart? On this typical-Monday, I drove through my town’s puddled streets, singing Fanny Crosby’s “Redeemed.” I belted out the words I remembered and trumpeted the melody when I forgot. On the chorus, I challenged myself not to swoop the notes, but land on them with operatic precision. I tempered my bombastic battle hymn long enough to exchange monies for my mocha. Then, I resumed my reveille though it was nearly two o’clock.

Even though the sun shone yesterday, my mood was tarnished. I took a walk with Ginny Owens’ “Say Amen” piped through earbuds. Instead of my voice, my melancholy tears flowed with the melody. Yet, its effect bolstered me as “Redeemed” did today. I returned home striding stronger than I had at my starting pace.

Fight songs do that. At kickoff, the day’s game might seem like a total loss, but somehow I find myself in the end zone still standing upright.


3 thoughts on “Fight Song”

  1. Great song, Laurie. I know I feel this way about my own story. The incorporation of the hymn is a wonderful way of connecting songs and stories past and present. Thanks for sharing this rally song.

    P.S. I love that there is a typewriter in the video, too. 😉

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