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The Sweaters

A small stack of sweaters sits off to one side on my closet shelf.

One is a boat-neck, striped, garter-stitch pattern in blue, white, and yellow. It hangs funny on me, and the shoulder seams are loose. I love this sweater. It is the first sweater I ever made. I finished it in time for a women’s retreat. The colors represent the theme that year–our personality colors. They are also the colors of the Swedish flag, a piece of my heritage. The sweater didn’t turn out exactly how I planned, but it reflects part of who I am.

The over-sized teal one with baubles and leaves is one my mom knit when stirrup pants were in style in the late 1990s. I hear stirrup pants are making a return, so maybe I will get to wear this one again. I love this sweater. Its intricacy and precision reminds me of how detailed and intentional my mom is in everything she does. Her love is that way—purposefully designed to comfort. This sweater makes me feel embraced as if I were a little girl again.

One of the sweaters is a gray cardigan. The buttons are gray with etched flowers. I chose it because it is gray. It isn’t mauve or blue. The pattern is just a little different. The stocking-knit stitch is smooth and even. I love this sweater. It is one of the best of my grandma’s last before she started making them all the same pattern in either mauve or blue. I pretend she made this one a little different just for me. Actually, she just made it for someone who would need it most. I guess that person was me.

Much like these handmade sweaters, love binds the entire Christian outfit together. Human perception cares more about the trendy appearance in the worldly mirror. Christian perception based on love sees the best intentions, the intricate details, and the common good. Love may be put on for an event or designed with someone specific in mind. Love is also simply made for sharing with someone who needs it most.

And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity. Colossians 3:14

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