July 11, 2017

New Release! The Last Time We Were Children: The Tenth Anniversary Edition

I am thrilled to announce the release of The Last Time We Were Children: The Tenth Anniversary Edition. This poetry book contains selections from the first edition as well as new poems. Enjoy!
A memory
of a chicken mixture over toast?
I don’t even like chicken.
What are pimientos anyway?
Through poetry, Penny J. Johnson explores memories from childhood like this one in “Chicken a la King.” But, The Last Time We Were Children is more than remembering. Her poems describe descending sledding hills, climbing mountains, and playing in fields and fairgrounds. They also profoundly cast light—both with humor and serious faith—on the dark hours of staying up with a sick child and sitting in the ER with an aging loved one. The pages speak of joy in first kisses, last words, and hearing the words of an autistic child. Those who read this book will be reminded how childlike faith and wishes grow into adult conviction and hope.

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