January 2, 2018

De-cluttering 2018: Say When

Each new year seems to begin with evaluation. Did I complete my goals from last year? If not, which ones need to carry over into the next? Which ones need to be checked off because of their futility? What revisions could I make to assure they have a better chance of being accomplished?
During my morning writing time, I attempted to answer these questions. Yes, writing time can be used to figure out the 5 W’s of writing. How can I expect to write on a daily basis if I don’t set time aside to determine who, what, when, where, and why I am writing? Not to mention how?
When becomes a pivotal question. Because living requires flexibility within the routine, I need to designate my writing moments. At some point, the laundry must get done, too. Having a framework gives me a penciled-in starting point even if I stop to sort some socks before I tackle my next chapter or poem.
With that, I encourage my fellow writers to simply set up a writing-time framework. Then go do what needs to be done including sorting socks.

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