De-cluttering 2018: Where? Oh, Where?

I haven’t sat at my desk in a year. Well, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration. I’m sure I sat down at my desk once or twice. But, that’s it.

During my writing moments, I tend to move with the sunshine. I start out in my kitchen, then migrate to my family room mid-day when the sun starts casting a glare on my screen. Admittedly, the best place for me to work is in my office at my desk where the light is the most consistent.

The problem is that my desk is not consistently clear enough for me to work there. I just cleared it off, and the most amazing thing happened. I sat down and started writing this post. The basket by my desk is looking like it needs more attention because I basically tossed the pile on my desk into it. But, I’ll take care of that another time. Right now, I’m writing.

My office is the best place to write for another reason. I’m removed from the thoroughfare of the house. I do face the opening of the room, so people can find me. Sort of. My middle son came in just now and didn’t see me right away because my desk is the corner. He also said, “What are you doing in your office?” 

So, here I am at the beginning of a new year, deciding that it is time to stop chasing the sun and resume my most consistent writing in my office. I may find myself at the kitchen table part of the day, but I think the best times will be here where the light is the same.

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