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I’m still noodling those ideas for 2018. They are rather jumbled up in my head at the moment. Kind of like the array of unsorted boxes in my basement. (That will be a theme for another post.) I think I could use some help from my readers.

Here are some possible blog posts/ideas for 2018 (in random order of importance and personal interest):

  1. My research about Laura Ingalls Wilder and the Little House books: This one is actually inspired by my sister who asked me whether the books are considered autobiographical nonfiction or historical fiction. I gave her the short answer, but would expand on my answer in a post as well as give other facts related to the fiction.
  2. My insights on personality psychology as it relates to career development: I’ve designed a homeschool course focused on this concept.
  3. My personal journey raising a child with ASD: While this is an on-going experience for our family, my son is now an adult. It might be the time to begin sharing our story.
  4. My de-cluttering goals for 2018: Obviously, I have already started this one.
  5. My writing project updates: These would be like status reports about my current stages with different projects. I may even ask for some help from you!
  6. My pets’ antics: Actually, I already have a separate blog designed for these posts. I just need to filter through all the cute pictures of them cuddling together and post some more lively stories.
  7. My book reviews: I mean to do more book reviews every year, and I just don’t. I think it’s time to share my wisdom about what to read and what to keep on the shelf!
  8. My readers’ requests: What kinds of posts, based on what you have already seen from my content, do you enjoy most? Do you want to see more
    • poetry?
    • novel chapters?
    • devotionals?
    • musings?


Thanks, readers, for your input!

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