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Battling the Basement: The War Against Accumulation

My basement is the bane of my existence. Granted, I wouldn’t want to be without a storage area. But, the unfinished nature of this space means that it becomes a dumping ground. It is where everything is put when it doesn’t have a place. Or when I am not ready to deal with it. Or when I’m done with it, but can’t get rid of it…yet. It is a graveyard for memories and memorabilia. I can’t decide if it’s nickname, “The Dungeon,” comes from the feeling of being imprisoned by its paraphernalia or because most of the things in it have been in some way banished.

Either way, some things have got to go.

Yet, I think I might be surprised–pleasantly or unpleasantly–by what I find. More on that sooner, but most likely later.

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