January 12, 2018

Battling the Basement: Throwing in the Towels

One of the things to go out the door yesterday was an assortment of towels, sheets, and pillows. Between two places, we had double of these, too. Although these items were not in the basement (rather in my master bedroom closet waiting for a donation date to send them on their way), it was a relief to stack them in bags on the front door step. Now my master closet is much cleaner and ready for me to sort it once I have more done in the basement.
Simply picking a category to sort makes the organizing much easier. In a sense, it is taking one thing at a time instead of focusing on the whole room or the whole house. The important thing is to have in mind where the items will be going and when so that piles don’t accumulate throughout the house. Sometimes I am good at this and sometimes not. Let’s just say, I am hoping to get better at planning each exodus.
(By the way, I have taken old towels to a nearby pet groomers. They seemed thrilled to have them.)

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