Between the Lines: This Writer's Journal

Music to My Ears

I live in a house of musicians, but we all like different music. Well, I like different music. My husband and kids like that heavy stuff with words that can’t be understood. I call it “angry music.”

Music I can sing to is what I like. Give me instrumental music anytime!

A few years ago, I set up a playlist of Jim Brickman songs. Something about starting my writing with “The Road Before Us” gets me in the mood for writing. The repetition of the songs keeps me focused. I can also block out the noises and other music coming through the floorboards and vents.

I also have a collection of Chopin that helped me complete my novel. One of the characters played Chopin, so it seemed fitting to have his songs coming through my earbuds as I wrote.

I need to set up a new playlist for this year, which will probably still include Brickman. I find I require a bit more inspiration these days to drown out the household sounds and keep me focused during my writing time. I also want to figure out “theme music” for my WIP.

Sometimes that musical cue simply motivates me to fill in my blanks with words.


What music inspires you?


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