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I am well-supplied with green-pen-happiness!

I received these green pens via mail from my sister yesterday. She and I have been “pen pals”–lovers of pens–our whole lives. It’s a trait passed down from our mother, who always has an array of favorite pens in every color on her desk.

We are quite possessive of these pens, however. When I was in college, one of my friends asked to borrow a pen. I reluctantly allowed her to use it. The next morning I called her and asked if she would bring it to breakfast. When she asked why, I said it was because I was going to that class. All my pens and notebooks were color-coordinated by course…of course. After all these years, we are still friends. (So, she obviously gave my pen back. ;))

All writers need “pen pals”–family and friends who understand the passion we have for our writing tools and are willing to support (even share) our obsessive habit. Hold onto these relationships the way you cradle your pen in your hand. Write them into your stories. Color-coordinate your life with their happiness and beauty.



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  1. Thank you for so beautifully explaining my pen obsession! I hate to part with them, or lose them, as they do have meaning once I’ve held them. I was the kid who LOVED shopping for school supplies. You?

    1. I love shopping for school supplies! There is nothing better than new pens and notebooks. I had to talk myself out of buying a new journal the other day. I’m sure I have several in the catacombs (known as my basement) waiting for words to fill them.

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