February 6, 2018

The Only Thing to Do

Some days it seems the whole world is out to defeat your plan. The bus is late. The New Years’ eye insurance won’t verify before your 10 am eye appointment. You have to schedule a same-day doctor appointment. You have to go to one pharmacy for one medication, another one to verify that three other prescriptions can be filled, and then have to go back when they are finally filled. It’s also really cold outside.
But, the sun is shining. Your special needs son gets up and is ready for the day before you stumble out of bed. You go to the gym. That is the goal of the day: just get to the gym. Then there is time for lunch out with one of the kids and enough to spare for errands before that afternoon appointment. You didn’t have your eyes dilated, so you can write a little between appointments without going cross-eyed. You have time to read between appointments, too. You know what you were making for dinner. You start the laundry. You make dinner. You knit more on that second sock. You can maximize your time when dropping off one kid at his sports activity and then go to pick up those prescriptions. You can look forward to reading before bed and having the dogs (and maybe the cat) curl up for cuddle time.
Some days the only thing you can do is your best. Maybe that’s the only real goal to have.
When you realize that there are twice as good lines than not-so-good, you can say you had one of your best days ever.

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