March 1, 2018

Writing Anyway

My head feels like a piece of cracked dinnerware. Anybody else know the feeling?
It can be difficult to write or do anything productive while experiencing a migraine. Somehow I have endured three concurrent days of pain. Yet, I have managed to complete my goals.
How? Although Advil, caffeine, and some downtime have helped, my goals happened because I did one important thing. I kept writing anyway.
I know it’s hard. I know the screen looks funky when an aura occurs. I know the ache from the question mark forming from neck to forehead is real.
Sit down anyway. Get those fingers moving anyway. Write the thing anyway.
Then bask in the accomplishment. Lay down in a dark room. Or sit in your favorite chair and read (or listen) to someone else’s written words. If you have one, invite a furry friend to sit with you. (I am amazed how the pressure from my dog’s nose leaning on my leg eases the pain in my head and stroking his ears soothes the ache in my hands!)
Or just be.

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