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How I Spend a Lazy Day

On Labor Day, the writing prompt in my journal was “What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?” I smiled because it was a good opportunity to write about what I had done so far on a non-routine, unscheduled day.

  • Who let the dogs out?: Well, I did. At 4:45 am. This is not their typical time to go out in the morning (thank goodness!), but my female Labrador was restless. When she is, undesirable findings appear in the hallway. So, out they went. I treated them because it was too early for breakfast, and I went back to bed.
  • Wake-up call: I slept until 8:45, thinking the rest of the house would be quiet until at least 10:00. Unbeknownst to me, my middle son was “practicing” to get up for his transition program the next morning. He was dressed, ready, and uncharacteristically chipper for a Monday morning. I complimented him on his enthusiasm because last school year was anything but encouraging. I told him he could watch TV because of the holiday, but to turn it down low. My house rule for the kids is “No TV before three.” Certain background noise disrupts my creative process and personal serenity. So, that rule is as much for my benefit as theirs.
  • Devoted to Devotions: I start most days by studying scripture. Labor Day was no exception. I find that my countenance is better when I set my heart, mind, and soul on God’s purpose and not my own agenda.
  • Checking In: Calling my mom is a daily essential. Even if there is no news, it is good to hear her voice and chat with her about the hummingbirds at her feeder or what we hate about grocery shopping or what potential storm is forming in the Dakotas.
  • Planning Ahead: I spent time organizing my calendar and to-do’s for the week. It’s a fluid list that starts out neat and linear, but turns into redirecting arrows moving tasks to the next day and the next. Nearing the end of the month, I realize some things have moved to the next week and the next. I should get those crossed off!
  • Getting Ready: There is one thing I do on lazy days, that I don’t do most other days. I stay in my pajamas until noon. My family still voices concern about this lack of initiative on my part. Funny, how a change in my routine affects them.
  • Baking Cake: Actually, it was Keto Double-Chocolate Zucchini Bread. Yum!
  • Laundry: I don’t know that my washing machine ever gets a day off.
  • Dinner for Lunch: Lunch at my house is usually self-served or served-to-us at a local restaurant. But, since my husband had to volunteer at the State Fair, I Beef and Cabbage Noodles while he mowed the lawn.
  • Writing: I wrote a lament based on Psalm 96. A lazy day often includes writing. Most days often include writing.
  • Knitting: Since we bought leather furniture, I’m started knitting pillow covers. Super easy and cozy!
  • Reading: Always!

Not scheduled, but certainly not lazy!

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