Keeping the Books

In my personal Bible study, I was encouraged to give up all media for 24 hours. I read through the list.

  • Television: I can avoid television. As a young mom, I used to crave the noise and fake interaction. But, as a middle-aged woman, I find I have to be working on a project or have an intentional reason to watch a show (i.e. spending quality time with my husband). I rarely seek out watching television for myself.
  • Radio: My car radio was tuned to easy-listening when I was working outside the home. That was almost twenty-five years ago. I used to binge on an album until I had it memorized. About four years ago, I stopped listening to music in the car. I have found I need those moments of silence.
  • Magazines: I’ve had a few subscriptions over the years. I can avoid these without issue.
  • Newspapers: I only wish for a newspaper when I need something to crumple up or wrap around a breakable to keep it secure.
  • Internet: It is nearly impossible to give up the Internet completely. I have been taking a break from Facebook and closed the tabs on my phone. My goal is to reduce my viewing time to once a week or when I notice a worthwhile posting through email. But, other than that, no peeking. I am not missing it. I think my relationships will be better for it, too. I would hope that major events and conversations would come through a text or an email anyway.

About this moment in reading through the list, I was feeling confident that I could go media-free for a whole day. But, then…


Books?! I have to give up reading for a whole day?! Oh, I can read my Bible. Okay, that’s good. I rarely have a good day without doing that. But, I can’t read my other books?! I can’t read my Kindle?! I can’t listen to my Audible books while knitting or cleaning?!

Now I had to have stern conversation with myself.

Can you give up reading books for a day?

Think about it.

I am!

Can you do this?


Do you want to do this?


Can you change your attitude?

No. Maybe. No. Not by myself anyway.

There’s truth in knowing our limitations and weaknesses. I discovered that giving up reading for knowledge or pleasure is not something I want to do. But, maybe I need to if only for a day. And I don’t have to give up reading entirely. I have to give up all books, but one.

That alone could change my attitude. If only for a day.

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