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One Odd Object: When Something Doesn’t Belong

Describe one odd item that you have in your purse or wallet right now.

When I read this writing prompt, I could not think of one odd item I have in my purse. In my mind, there seemed to be a purpose for everything.

After all, I tend to travel light. I carry a small black purse with slots for my credit cards and enough pockets for what I deem are essentials. I have purchased the same purse three times because I have yet to find one I like better. It is the only one in the diminutive size I prefer with a center pocket large enough to hold my overabundance of keys.

I tend to be prepared. Except I do surprise myself when I forget those keys. This happens when my husband is driving to where I subconsciously consider a “quick errand.” I am surprised because any weight to my purse exists in the heft of that key ring. I also run out of tissues. Not surprising for this allergy sufferer. Other than that, I have what I need when I walk out the door.

I tend to carry self-identifiers. I am not talking about personal identification, although, of course, I have that in my purse. I mean I carry items that reflect my personal identity. This same small purse has pockets for my Kindle, a memo notebook, and pens. These are essential items for a writer.

Then I identified that one odd object. Lipstick.

I rarely wear lipstick, lip gloss, or lip balm. I quit using it on a regular basis over thirty years ago when I started dating my husband. He doesn’t like the taste of lipstick. I like his kisses more than I like lipstick. He said I didn’t need lipstick–or make-up for that matter. The natural look was in vogue at the time, and I fully embraced it. When I do wear make-up, it is lightly applied. Lipstick is not part of my facial routine.

What possessed me to buy lipstick? I guess I thought I might use it. I did right after I bought it. Then I remembered. Lipstick is sticky. Yet, not sticky enough because I have to reapply it if I wipe my ever-dripping nose or take a sip of coffee or lick my lips or talk. When my recent purchase caused a pimple to form on my top lip, I decided it truly failed to fulfill its intended purpose of enhancing my appearance.

So, why keep it? Good question!

Why keep anything that fails to fulfill its intended purpose?

I have asked myself this question recently about other “objects” in my life. If I am not missing something because of cancellations or closures, do I need to reschedule or reopen my life to that “thing” again?

Good question!

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