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Signs: Roadblocks

I don’t know who said it, but I recently read that writer’s block isn’t a real thing. To some extent, that’s true.

The best way to get over the barrier of “writer’s block” is to write. Maybe the starting point is elusive, but I have found writing prompts to be excellent catapults into the territory of the next story or crossing over to the next poetic line. I have found life itself will prompt me to sit down and contemplate the past, present, and future whether separately or simultaneously. Nothing is quite as effective as a deadline to force the issue and press words to paper or screen.

Yet, there are roadblocks–glaring orange barricades along the writing path that prevent entrance into the would-be-life once-believed to lead to even a brief fame and just a little fortune. It’s no wonder writers stand stunned at signs of rejection before doubling-back and trying to go another way. But, much the same happens in times of personal reconstruction that require repair and renewal. Maybe we are unable to journey into uncharted territory. Are we required to sequester? Do we face indecision at a crossroads? As much as seasons of life prompt writing, they also stop us. Sometimes we are forced to wait or yield. Then, when we are able to move ahead, the going is slow far below our preferred speed limit.

What is a writer to do in these uncertain times?

Scratch out the first line of a story on a recipe card while waiting for the water to boil. Read classics old and new to the kids at bedtime even if they are capable of reading on their own. Research settings and write character sketches in between helping with math assignments. Listen to what the wind whispers when letting the dogs out “one more time.” Imagine what the cat is thinking when he blinks his eyes and purrs. Study the faces of your loved ones and describe each shape, color, and line in your journal.

Find a way to write anyway. Where might that road lead?

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