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Freedom: A Good Plan Revised to Be Better

Can you imagine how different each of us and this world would be if we gave God the pen to write in the planner of our life?

I read this question during my devotions this morning, and it caught my attention. Good thing, because my mind was not completely focused on what I had been reading. I was thinking about my plan for the day and this post. I knew I wanted to write about freedom because the United States commemorates its independence this week. But, I wanted to write about freedom because I suspect many are struggling with the loss of it in recent months.

Not only have we been sequestered in our homes to prevent the spread of a pandemic that continues its rampage, but we have been stricken with grief over the devastating reminder that many continue to suffer the consequences of slavery, racism, and discrimination. Not only have family and small businesses been dying slow deaths during this time, but riots have ravaged their store fronts and broken in to steal their ability to reopen. This may be an election year, but we shake our heads and shrug our shoulders at the reality of our limited leadership choices. This may be the week we celebrate the freedom of this country, but we hang our heads knowing we will not be gathering as we once did for local fireworks. As the dates in our calendars pass us by with lots to commemorate but little ability to do so, we may wonder if there is a point to planning anything at all.

Well, as the question above suggests, maybe we shouldn’t. At least, not the way we once did. Maybe we need to stop declaring our own independence, and hand over the pen to Him Whose finger has the ability to write on walls. Maybe it’s time to acknowledge Who has the better plan.

We make our own plans,
    but the Lord decides
    where we will go.

Proverbs 16:9 CEV

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