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Summer Reading Challenge: July 5-August 1

Here are the books I read last month. Many were audio books because I was working on projects or listening while walking or driving. I am also reading several Kindle books right now, which I hope to review next month.

  • Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen: Four Stars. I had to get used to the dramatization, and then I was able to enjoy listening. As with all Austen books, the psychological aspects of the characters are intriguing. I would have preferred an Emma Thompson-only reading, but it was still an engaging listen.
  • Pronto by Elmore Leonard: Four Stars. If you are familiar with the Justified TV series, there are marked differences with this first book in Elmore Leonard’s series. Aside from the coarse language, I thought it was entertaining and humorous. There is a literary component and allusions to political leanings that I found relevant to our current societal condition.
  • By the Shores of Silver Lake by Laura Ingalls Wilder: Five Stars. I absolutely love Cherry Jones’ reading of this series. I had bought them for my son, but I’ve been listening to them while I work on my knitting and art journaling. I learn something new every time.
  • The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder: Five Stars. I never read this book in the series. The title threw me off. But, this is one of the richest books in the series for the level of extreme desolation it depicts. It is a prime example of why we need one another in our most desperate times.
  • Glory Over Everything by Kathleen Grissom: Five Stars. I highly recommend reading The Kitchen House before reading this sequel. This book, however, took on a poignant meaning given the recent racial riots and civil unrest across our country. It provided a unique perspective on racial tensions during pre-Civil War American.
  • My True Type: Clarifying Your Personality Type, Preferences, and Functions by Dr. A. J. Drenth: Five Stars. I have read many books and viewed several websites about personality typology, and this book is my new favorite. My youngest son and I enjoyed deciphering our “personality stacks” while seeing how family members compare and what dynamics are possible. I especially like the way Dr. Drenth compares the dominant and auxiliary functions within each of the main eight types and how different personalities with the same or opposite tendencies may respond in specific circumstances. The clarifying assessment requires some time to determine personal nuances. But, I thought this was an effective tool for self-evaluation without simply relying on a computer-generated program.

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