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Role Call: The Only One Worth Keeping

Think about the various roles you play in your life. If you had to give up all but one, which one would you keep?

Interesting question, isn’t it? It’s not an easy question to ponder. In part, it isn’t one most would like to consider. Most of us might consider giving up one of our roles. But, all of our roles, except one?

Except there is only one I wouldn’t give up.

I’m certain many in my life are trying to guess which one that is. Some have guessed correctly. Some may get it wrong. But, none should be offended. Once I explain which role I wouldn’t–in truth, couldn’t–give up, all will make sense.

There is only one role I should want to keep because it defines who I am. It prioritizes all my other roles. It redefines them in relationship to the most important relationship I have.

In truth, all other roles in my life have an element of change. Aging, moving, working, decision-making, living, dying–all of these affect my roles in the lives of others and their roles in mine.

Nearly every role has had an ebb or flow to it. Some have ebbed away. Some are flowing in like a tidal wave. As one goes out and another comes in, there are changes to the landscape of my daily life.

There may be an erosion of a relationship. There may be remnants of others to clear away or more than a few bits and pieces to be treasured as keepsakes. There could be a raging storm with obvious white-cap warnings. There could be an illusion of placidity above a subtle undercurrent that could gradually pull me away from my intended course. There is only one relationship in my life that keeps me traveling true and not drifting away. Only this relationship can calm my inner turbulent sea and keep me in the boat. Only one can convince me to attempt a walk on water. Only one can hold me up and give me the impression I am the one doing the clinging.

There is only one role I would not–and could not–give up, and therefore the only one I would—could and should–keep. Because there is only one role in my life that never changes.

It is my role as a child of God.

This role is the only one in my life I can fully rely on and trust. It won’t change. But, that isn’t because of who I am. It is because of who God is. He and I both know I am a sinner. But, He and I both know He loves and forgives me by His saving grace. It is not because of my role in His life. It is because of His role in my life. He is fully reliable, trustworthy, and unchangeable. He alone is capable of guiding me to be more reliable, trustworthy, and able to change within the various roles He leads me to fill. Because of my role as God’s child, I am able to be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, writer, homemaker, and church member.

Being His child is the only role worth keeping.

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