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Search Engine: Sensing Novelty

What is the last thing (or one of the last things) you searched for on the Internet? Why?

I am sensing a surge in my need for novelty lately. Sometimes when we are heading into a new chapter in our lives, we begin to explore and travel down new avenues. Sometimes we frequent old roads. Sometimes we get off track because of wanderlust or sheer boredom. Such is the case with these three topics that I seem to be dominating my Internet searches lately.

Art Supplies: I bought an art journal box from Let’s Make Art in June. It took me a while to gain the courage to start, but once I did, I was hooked. I ordered their July and August boxes. For September, I bought different supplies because I have my own idea for following the theme, but I will view the tutorials. I am thrilled at the inspiration and emotional support this community is providing. Frankly, I am shocked I am traveling this new avenue of expression. I was not a sandbox, Play-Dough, fingerpaint kind of kid. I was a color-inside-the-lines, keep-your-hands-clean, follow-the-rules kid. I have embraced paint spray, cutting and pasting, orange gouache, and spreadable glitter. I painted my first watercolor (though I used liquid gouache). I have been a pencil-pen-paper lover my whole life. But, I am adding paint to the mix.

Personality Typology: MBTI has been an interest of mine for over twenty years. But, I am revisiting this old road in several ways. I often study MBTI when I am creating character descriptions. My youngest son completed a CliftonStrengths assessment for one of his college classes. I have long-wanted to determine whether there is a correlation between MBTI and CliftonStrengths. I learned quite a bit by comparing my son’s results to mine, and those I know from other family members. (More research needs to be done, but I am beginning to see an interesting trend.) I also keep hearing about the Big Five. I need to learn more about that, too. (One guess as to what my top CliftonStrengths trait is.) The art journal theme from August focused on left-brain and right-brain strengths and weaknesses. So, I used my MBTI to discover more about my inferior Se (Extroverted Sensing). I enjoyed adding a personality typology component to my Life Maps journal. My Se is one reason I think I am gravitating to art journaling. It doesn’t surprise me that there is an inner high related to procuring art supplies based on what I’m reading about inferior traits. Yet, I know how appealing (and addicting) catering to inferior traits can be. I am trying not to overbuy supplies.

Animal Rescue: I could overbuy and adopt another cat. I try to resist, but I check our local animal shelter website daily. It’s good that I have a husband that balances out my personality stack. It’s also good I’m not experiencing grip stress over my youngest son going to college. Otherwise, I could become a cat-lady.

As far as my search engine history goes, I know my current interests are better than others. I do know that I have to be conscious of my weakness for acquiring pens, analyzing people, and adding pets. While it’s normal to indulge in a few novelty activities at the start of a journey, it’s important to stay on the designated path.

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