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Life Maps: Trust within the Current

Last week I mentioned a new hobby of mine–art journaling. The Let’s Make Art theme for August was Life Maps. During one of the tutorials, we made organic shapes and highlighted the spaces between to reveal a path between places. It was intriguing to see how others interpreted and adapted this exercise. I was intrigued myself because I anticipated that I would create something similar to the tutorial. The concept of life roads made sense to me because my life verse.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart

And do not lean on your own understanding.

In all your ways acknowledge Him,

And He will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:5-6 NASB

Yet, what developed on my page appeared to be more like islands along a river channel or within a lake. One of my childhood homes had a view of a river, and my own family spent three summers camping near one. In the Land of 10,000 Lakes, I can find a lake as easily as I can find a sign for our local coffee chain. There is a deep sense of home when I see a lake, and some that I return to often hold memories within them.

So did my rendering of this life map in my art journal. I recognized the islands in my journey, when I have felt isolated or chosen independence. I understood that while God kept me on His path, the winding characteristics of a watery channel mimicked how I have felt many times. There is a reality of drifting with the current even if there is a motor available to speed through it or a paddle stowed in preparation for possible peril.

Over the years, I have learned about fishing, too. Fishing is best done near hidden structure below the surface while anchored or slowly trolling. It is a time of watching and waiting and remaining still until the bobber dips and its time to set the hook. There is the joy of the reel. There is peace in the release. There is hope for the next tug on the line.

There are words that meander in the wakes and waves of my days. I have wondered at them as when trying to identify a species of duck diving for a meal at dusk. These words have traveled home with me, and sometimes I ponder whether they are some invasive species. But, in the end, I have seen these words as treasured travel companions I take with me on my next adventures.

The word trust is one of them. I have caught it many times. I have learned to release with it something that is beyond my ability to control. I have seen the wisdom of drifting under the summer sun and the discernment of heading back to shore when storm clouds accumulate. I know this word is the rudder that guides me home.

When I glance through my past posts, I am surprised to see how many contain this word or a theme surrounding it. Here is one from six years ago almost to the day. As it happens, this verse is one I will be reading again this week. May it encourage you as you trust Him within the current of the day.

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