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28-Day Cleaning Challenge

Today I started my 28-Day Cleaning Challenge. I used this cleaning method a few years ago when I received Becky Rapinchuk’s Simply Clean book for Christmas. Since then, I have adapted many of her cleaning tips for my own home and schedule.

I remember when I first implemented the 28-Day Cleaning Challenge that it was indeed a challenge. I still had a full-time home education student, my middle son was in a transition program, and my oldest had returned from his final semester in Europe. I had a full house. I also had full, overflowing cupboards and disorganized utensil drawers. I could have blamed it on my sons and their hodge-podge stowing of the dishware every evening. But, hadn’t I implemented their inclusion in this chore as part of our home economics and life skills education? Wasn’t it my responsibility to reflect my expectations clearly by being an example?

That was an arduous February.

Yet, much of the organization I accomplished then is still in place now. I have a kitchen that functions better than it did for most of my child-rearing years. It took my husband and the boys a while to figure out that there had been a shift. But, now we are all used to the change.

Why repeat the process? Well, when one notices that the rarely-used rolling pin appears fluffy, it can be assumed that the dust-bunnies have been playing in all the nooks and crannies. I also had a less-productive January, and I anticipate a busier-than-2020’s March. Why not get a jump on the spring cleaning?

I am not naïve, however. This challenge could derail completely if the shower demolition and install starts this month. But, at least, I accomplished Day 1. Glancing at the list for this week, I realized I automatically wipes down the outside of the appliances. That’s half the task for Day 4. Yes!

I am encouraging my future daughter-in-law to join me in the challenge. We talked about her own goals for organizing when she was here for Christmas, and she studied my copy of Simply Clean. I figured it was a safe, “no pressure” suggestion. I warned her that I might not meet the challenge personally, but that I would continue to send her motivational prompts. I am hoping it will be another way for us to bond over the next few months. She invited me to help her organize and purge the storage space off the garage later this year. What great motivation for me to get my storage space in proper order by then so that I can be a good example!

This challenge not only brings to mind the importance of implementing long-term habits, but of encouraging others to develop them, too. I am certain there will be some arduous moments. But, I am hoping for some precious defining and refining ones as well.

Iron sharpens iron,

    and one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17 ESV

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