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Survival Guide for Super Bowl Sunday: The First Half

I had hope. Even a close score would have kept me riveted until the bitter end. But, when it was clear the TBD was going to be TB with TB, I was determined to salvage my evening with pure distraction. All of these activities were highly engaging and productive.

  • Knitting. As one of the spectators in the stands filled with cardboard cut-outs proved, football goes better with knitting. I spent the first quarter and half of the second working on a easy-to-remember pattern with lovely mauve yarn. I have memories of my mother and grandmother knitting in the Metrodome in 1984 during the Minnesota Vikings worst season in franchise history. Knitting can be sweet solace in times of repetitive patterns of defeat.
  • Sketching. I practiced drawing teacups and houses in preparation for my journaling adventures for this month. I am still learning this skill, and I don’t feel confident showing the results of my efforts. But, progress prevails with persevering practice. I am not pursuing unachievable perfection. I simply desire to enjoy the process of learning something new.
  • Trimming my cat’s claws. This activity could be considered an actual means of survival. My cat loves me, but I don’t love his claws scratching my shoulder or pricking my face in the middle of the night. While this task might sound dangerous, my cat is quite amenable as long as I give him a hug after I am all done.
  • Eating popcorn. Everything goes better with buttery, salted popcorn that your spouse makes without being asked. (Note: Well, almost everything. I recommend not trimming your cat’s claws while your spouse is popping the popcorn. Be aware that the cat will require more hugs between clippings.)
  • Chatting about the halftime show on social media. This passed the time because I realized I had no idea who the performing musician was for the halftime show. I am decidedly and officially old.

There was one more key survival method I discovered and intend to add to my tactics for future Super Bowl experiences. But, as it applies to my writing life, I will keep my readers in suspense until Friday.

As I considered a verse that could be applicable to this topic, there were a few commercials that brought one in particular to mind. Because whether we win or lose the game, we are commanded to do this. It is a means of survival for this world and the next. It should also be applied when the person sitting next to you is cheering for the (almost-as-old-as-I-am) GOAT. Because at the end of the day, we all win when we apply this play call.

For the whole law is fulfilled in one word: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

Galatians 5:14 ESV

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