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Throughout the month of April, I shared insights about poets, poems, quotations, poetic forms, and my own poetry practice based on these themes. I decided that I enjoy what I am learning about the poets I am studying. Learning new things–even about topics I already know in depth–excites me and motivates me in my own work. I also want to encourage other writers with posts that are relevant to them. In addition, my day-to-day life has transitioned as my children have entered adulthood, and I have more time to focus on my writing projects. As a result, here are some changes to expect for my future blog posts.

Weekly Posts

On Monday, I will post biographical and writing insights about a poet who has influenced literature, other writers, and myself.
My Tuesday posts will feature a poem by the poet of the week and will include some insights gained through additional research and personal analysis.
Each Wednesday, I will post an inspiring quotation from the poet of the week.
Continue to join me each Wednesday for this virtual reading experience as I read a selection from Redefined: A Year of Poetry. By the end of the year, I will have read 52 of the 366 poems contained in this collection. I encourage you to subscribe to this blog in order to receive these readings and other posts in a timely, relevant manner. Thank you for listening and for your support. Redefined: A Year of Poetry is available in paperback and on Kindle.
Thursday’s posts will focus on a poetic form and will provide examples from the poet of the week.
My Friday posts will feature one of my poems–published, unpublished, or new–that reflects a similar theme as expressed by the featured weekly poet.

Monthly Posts

I plan to continue my monthly posts about reading recommendations each month. These posts will appear on the first Saturday of each month.
This weekly blog about my writing life will shift to a monthly or bi-monthly frequency so that my Friday posts can focus more on the themes related to my weekly poetry posts. The topic of this blog will be more about other types of writing and my own projects.
In Addition: A Journal about Going Above and Beyond My Writing Life began as a way to connect my daily life with my writing life and include spiritual insights. While this aspect of my life still happens, the frequency of these posts needs to adjust as writing becomes more significant in my day-to-day routine. These posts may appear monthly or bi-monthly depending on what I am learning in addition to my writing life.

I realize these changes may change my weekly audience, but I hope you will look forward to these occasional posts as the goal is that they will add variety to my routine one. Thank you for continuing to support my blog through your readership. Remember to subscribe!

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