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28-Day Writing Challenge

Along with my 28-Day Cleaning Challenge, I am attempting a 28-Day Writing Challenge. This challenge is no less arduous. It requires a few steps in order for me to feel that the month has been truly productive. Author Plan: I am working through Joanna Penn’s newest release Your Author Business […]

Seasonal Patterns in the Writing Life

As there are seasonal patterns in daily life, there are seasonal patterns in the writing life. We have our dormant winters, our revitalizing springs, our steamy summers, and our colorful autumns. Each season inspires something different in writers. It’s only natural that this would be the case. But, issues arise […]

Planning: Getting Ahead?

The other day I sent my husband a link about a program to help with plotting a novel. Actually, I was thinking a series of novels. (Slow down! Let’s not get too ahead of myself.) He studied it for a few minutes, but I could tell by his face that […]

2020 Treasures: What’s Next?

I think this question defines 2020 well. Depending on the inflection, it can be loaded with implications. The answer is somewhat rhetorical. Perhaps the best response is a shrug of the shoulders. We don’t know what’s next? This thing is . . . we never did. As I wrap up […]

2020 Treasures: Completion

Completing a task is a treasure in itself. There is a heft to the weight of the thing done to the best of one’s personal ability. There is credence added to the project handed-off to others who provide specific skills and professional prowess. There is satisfaction in breaking the seal […]

2020 Treasures: Themes

Whenever I am asked where my writing ideas come from, I tend to say, “Life.” There are themes I notice that repeat themselves just as there are words that with a mention take me back to where I’ve been and give hints as to where I might be going. The […]