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Just Keep Swimming…

I feel like I’m treading water with my novel. There are some transition sections that require drafting. It’s like swimming pool-laps while editing the drafted chapters and then finding myself in the middle of “What Happens Now?!” Ocean.

So, instead I’m enjoying word-play while writing my poetry in the morning and afternoon between reading sessions, which is akin to jumping in, splashing around for three-to-four-poem stints, and then soaking in the rays.

(This is truly a symbolic picture because there is still plenty of snow on the ground from last week’s blizzard. Any sunshine I am getting is reflected off the snow drifts while I sit in my cozy chair.)

Just keep swimming (a.k.a. writing), everyone!

Between the Lines: This Writer's Journal

Writing Anyway

My head feels like a piece of cracked dinnerware. Anybody else know the feeling?

It can be difficult to write or do anything productive while experiencing a migraine. Somehow I have endured three concurrent days of pain. Yet, I have managed to complete my goals.

How? Although Advil, caffeine, and some downtime have helped, my goals happened because I did one important thing. I kept writing anyway.

I know it’s hard. I know the screen looks funky when an aura occurs. I know the ache from the question mark forming from neck to forehead is real.

Sit down anyway. Get those fingers moving anyway. Write the thing anyway.

Then bask in the accomplishment. Lay down in a dark room. Or sit in your favorite chair and read (or listen) to someone else’s written words. If you have one, invite a furry friend to sit with you. (I am amazed how the pressure from my dog’s nose leaning on my leg eases the pain in my head and stroking his ears soothes the ache in my hands!)

Or just be.


Between the Lines: This Writer's Journal, Uncategorized

Write Anytime?

Most of the time, I can write anywhere. I can tune out the background noise or I plug in my ear buds. But, write anytime? Somehow that’s harder.

I have times of the day when my mind flickers like a burning-out lightbulb. I feel it start about 3:30pm. Sometimes I get a surge at 7:00pm and then I can keep going until 8:30 or so. By 9:00pm, I’m out! That’s true for more than writing. I’ve found myself go into shut-down mode as soon as that hour begins.

I find that my best writing hours are from 9am to 11am and from 1:00 to 3:00pm. Even so, a solid two-hour stint doesn’t always happen. I need to refuel or pay attention to the dogs and cat or answer a question from one of the kids or stop before the next activity begins. (When I started writing this post, it was just before my Bible study. I had to stash my phone away mid-sentence so that I could greet one of my friends.)

But, here is the point. Write. Set that two-hour block aside (and maybe a second two-hour block), but write. Take five minutes to sketch out a blog post. Type or write the one word that begins the poem or summarizes a story. Stop everything and write something. Even if later, you wonder what you meant by that. Then write what it means to you right this minute.

Just write. Anytime!

Between the Lines: This Writer's Journal

Writing Marathon

As my printer prompted me to refill the paper-tray several times, I reflected on how much has been accomplished after completing the rough draft of my sequel. Yet, I noted several bracketed comments reminding me how much work has yet to be done.  I am inspired as I prepare for another writing marathon that starts tomorrow and runs for seven days. This time I will be focusing on revising, though I anticipate I will be doing plenty of writing as well.

If you would like to join me this week, here is the format:

  • Half marathon- 1k words a day (or edit 2 chapters)
  • Marathon- 3k words a day (or edit 5 chapters)
  • Triathlon- 5k words a day (or edit 7 chapters)

I would love to complete a triathlon this week, but I am thinking that a half marathon is the better choice. I happen to have appointments every day this week, so there will be a lot of pit stops between tomorrow’s start and the finish line. The best thing on weeks like this one is to set achievable goals and not to be discouraged. Writing is so much about doing a little bit every day.

Happy writing to all!