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My mice died. Both of them! The touch-pad on my computer and my Bluetooth one. No, nothing furry or creepy-cute. But, I felt like crying and cursing when my cursor stopped responding to my cues. Now, I have a cobalt blue mouse. And it matches the keyboard. And the pen. But, I didn’t pick the […]

I feel like I’m treading water with my novel. There are some transition sections that require drafting. It’s like swimming pool-laps while editing the drafted chapters and then finding myself in the middle of “What Happens Now?!” Ocean. So, instead I’m enjoying word-play while writing my poetry in the morning and afternoon between reading sessions, […]

My head feels like a piece of cracked dinnerware. Anybody else know the feeling? It can be difficult to write or do anything productive while experiencing a migraine. Somehow I have endured three concurrent days of pain. Yet, I have managed to complete my goals. How? Although Advil, caffeine, and some downtime have helped, my […]

Most of the time, I can write anywhere. I can tune out the background noise or I plug in my ear buds. But, write anytime? Somehow that’s harder. I have times of the day when my mind flickers like a burning-out lightbulb. I feel it start about 3:30pm. Sometimes I get a surge at 7:00pm […]

As my printer prompted me to refill the paper-tray several times, I reflected on how much has been accomplished after completing the rough draft of my sequel. Yet, I noted several bracketed comments reminding me how much work has yet to be done.  I am inspired as I prepare for another writing marathon that starts […]

Unless you are from the northern Midwest or have watched Grumpy Old Men, you may understand the lure of writing in an ice house. I am alternating between taking my gloves on and off as I type, although it is almost balmy at 38 degrees. There is a front coming in. It’s quite possible that […]

I’m looking at my chore list–and how many things need to be done–and I got to thinking…how would my MC (or any of my characters for that matter) clean the house? Would it be boring to read or enlightening character development? Any insights? (BTW, this post may or may not inspire one to clean the […]