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New and Occasional Additions

Throughout the month of April, I shared insights about poets, poems, quotations, poetic forms, and my own poetry practice based on these themes. I decided that I enjoy what I am learning about the poets I am studying. Learning new things–even about topics I already know in depth–excites me and […]

Checking Facts…

In order to give you the best post possible (and because I didn’t finish my Monday blog, In Addition, as scheduled), I will be putting more effort into my Friday blog, Between the Lines, for this week. Be sure to check out my Wednesday blog, Redefined: A Virtual Reading Experience, […]

My Preferred Playlist

“Could you change that, please?” I asked my husband, waggling my fingers towards the talk-radio voices that were disturbing my ability to read before bed. “Hmm,” he said. By his smirk, I knew I was in trouble. I endured listening to a few goofy choices before I bantered, “Maybe I […]

Literally Speaking

Last week, I wrote in my journal about the word literal. I had to look up the definition because the word literally is often wrongly used these days. I had to remind myself what literal is and what it is not. Literal adj. 1. in accordance with, involving, or being […]

28-Day Cleaning Challenge

Today I started my 28-Day Cleaning Challenge. I used this cleaning method a few years ago when I received Becky Rapinchuk’s Simply Clean book for Christmas. Since then, I have adapted many of her cleaning tips for my own home and schedule. I remember when I first implemented the 28-Day […]