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New and Occasional Additions

Throughout the month of April, I shared insights about poets, poems, quotations, poetic forms, and my own poetry practice based on these themes. I decided that I enjoy what I am learning about the poets I am studying. Learning new things–even about topics I already know in depth–excites me and […]

What to Write…

As the first day of 2018 comes to a close, I am pondering what to write this year. Oh, I have a few writing projects in mind, but what will be the themes flitting across “Penny’s Pages”? I’m still noodling. Until the ideas become as bright as the super-moon tonight…

Simplicity: Keeping It Simple…Sort Of

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.  ~Archimedes That is one of, if not the only, theorems I retained from my tenth-grade geometry class. Perhaps it is because I see the point. I applied it today…well, my Google maps application applied it…when it identified my fastest route […]

A Unique Quilting Technique

I discovered a surprisingly unique quilting technique that makes quilting affordable and easy for any novice. There a several steps, but if followed, the result will be a quilt you will treasure for years to come. 1. Join your mother on her next trip to the quilting shop. Her enthusiasm […]