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A Matter of the Heart

Sunday night, pending a new school year, we talked about what the boys want to be when they grow up. My fourteen-year-old, shrugged his shoulders. But, I know if he had his heart’s desire he would have a career in the music industry. My husband and I emphasized that he […]


reunion n. 1 the act of reuniting 2 a gathering of persons after separation (a family reunion) (Webster’s) “I hope he doesn’t mind making up our own things with Legos,” said my youngest son before his cousin came for a play date. Although these boys are only three weeks apart […]

The “No Events” Day

“How would our marriages be transformed if we learned to listen to God on behalf of our spouses?” Gary Thomas, Sacred Parenting My calendar revealed a rare occurrence on Monday. “No events.” I couldn’t remember the last time I had seen those words, especially on a Monday! Even the laundry […]