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Personal Parables: A 31-Day Devotional

Love never gives up. 2 Corinthians 13:8 MSG Often going through difficult circumstances that affect every facet of well-being is when God reveals Himself the most in our personal stories. This devotional highlights scripture studied over a two-year time period and has been consolidated into a 31-day devotional. May God […]

Remember the Suspenders Revisited

Last night, I was reading my blog posts from 2016 and came across Remember the Suspenders. This morning, my Bible reading came from the entire Book of Jonah. I noted the ending verses of chapters 1-3 especially. In each case, God determines the action that would take place. Now the […]

While Waiting for Words

Now that The Forget-Me-Nots is published, I find myself in a situation I haven’t been in for quite some time. I’m between projects. So, what should I do next? Start a list of book ideas. An idea is percolating. That’s a good thing for it to do. Jumping right in […]

The Family Poet

The day after The Forget-Me-Nots was released, I received an email from my sister with the subject line “Not the Family Poet.” Attached to the email was a beautiful tribute poem she had written about her husband’s grandparents. The day after that I received an early birthday present from my […]

What I Never Forget to Always Say

I remember this moment. I practically said these words out loud. Maybe I did. His words were just as clear right back at me. I hear the crunch of them as if I am still striding through the leaves, kicking them around. An excerpt from this next conversation happened not […]

Playing Through the Pain

I wish there were more people like him. When I met him, he had been abandoned. No doubt it was hard for his family to leave him and his friend. Life isn’t fair, especially during a housing crisis. Life isn’t fair, especially when abandonment happens twice at the acceptance of […]

From Either Side

  One day my high school basketball coach asks me if I am left-handed. He probably knows the answer. Although centers are not the greatest of ball-handlers, I think he wonders why I always drop the ball to my left. Most right-handed people don’t start out dribbling on their weakest […]

The End Zone

I have been a Minnesota Vikings fan my whole life. But, I didn’t watch much of the 2009-2010 season. I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. I forbade my children from speaking that year’s quarterback’s name in our house. Even as the Vikings headed toward the Super Bowl, I watched few of […]


Be devoted to one another in brotherly love… I finish reading Romans 12:10-13 and ask Myself, “What does it mean to ‘be devoted to one another in brotherly love’? How do I remain devoted to loving others who are unloving towards Me? How do I refrain from becoming unloving towards them?” […]