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Practicing Poetic Themes:

During my mentorship with poet Jim Moore, I wrote this poem based on the title from Tomas Tranströmer’s “April and Silence.” While my poem and Tranströmer’s are different in their themes, this title is often one that comes to mind during the month of April.

Poetic Form: “Epiphanic Lyric”

“[Tomas Tranströmer] has perfected a particular kind of epiphanic lyric, often in quatrains, in which nature is the active energizing subject, and the self (if the self is present at all) is the object.” Katie Peterson, Boston Review as quoted by Poetry Foundation; italics mine When I was researching Tomas […]

Poetic Form: Lyrical Poetry

Lyric poetry is broad in its definition. It isn’t confined to one form. A poet can write a sonnet, villanelle, or a pantoum, and the poem can be classified as lyrical. A free verse poem may also be considered lyrical. Haiku can be considered lyrical. The key is to write […]


Join me each Wednesday for this virtual reading experience as I read a selection from Redefined: A Year of Poetry. By the end of the year, I will have read 52 of the 366 poems contained in this collection. I encourage you to subscribe to this blog in order to […]

Poet of the Week: Mary Oliver

I encountered Mary Oliver through her poetry during my last semester of college. Up until that point, my college career had focused on professional writing per my degree requirements. I chose to take what I considered to be a bonus course to finish out my creative writing minor. In this […]