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Charlotte stumbled upon it quite accidentally. Lifting herself off the sidewalk, she examined her hands for scrapes and cuts. Bright speckles dotted her flesh. She made a silent vow to scold the owner of the disintegrating doorstep she had just tripped over on her way to the bus stop. The screech of brakes and the […]

This week’s Saturday Story is also inspired by a writing exercise from Josip Novakovich’s book Writing Fiction Step by Step.   The Interview Tad Tyson tugged at the bottom of his broadcloth jacket and straightened his black tie. His shoes, shined and buffed, hid the scuffs of a rag-tag errand boy. He never expected they […]

I’ve been playing with the idea of writing a short story or posting a chapter from my novel each weekend. If I see many positive responses (or even some constructive criticism), I shall continue these posts. The original writing prompt for this short story came from Josip Novakovich’s Writing Fiction Step By Step.   As […]