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I Need More Words!

Calling All Readers! I am working on a poetry collection featuring one-word titles. Each poem reflects the meaning(s) of the word. But, I need more words to complete my book. Please provide appropriate word suggestions in the comments. Who knows? Your word might find its way into one of my […]

Force vs. Crush

“God will have to crush our intentions on one side however much it may hurt.” from My Utmost for His Highest Classic Edition Consider the difference between the “force” in the updated version and “crush” in Chamber’s original wording. Which one best expresses the power God exerts against our intentions? Which […]

Advent 2012: What is Hope (Part 3)

Today we reflect on the meaning of hope. Luke 1:46-56: Mary’s Song. Poetic Reading: Reread all “Hope” Poems Family Reading: Bartholomew’s Passage –Week One: Saturday I posed the question to my family, “What is hope?” My ten-year-old eagerly raised his hand and said, “If I say, ‘I hope I have […]

“Some Assembly Required”

While organizing our libraries (we all have our own precious stash of books), I discovered I needed to purchase another bookcase. I bought a conservatively priced five-shelf one from Target. Well, I bought a box with a nice picture of an espresso bookcase on the front, filled with laminate-covered boards, assorted screws, […]