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Morning Glory

As I cast my ballot yesterday, the black ink fading to murky gray on the stark white page, I prayed over the ovals shaped like seeds. Although I only see rocks, thorns, and weeds, I hope just one grows for His glory, even if that one is me.

I am thankful…

…my sons are not old enough to vote in this shades-of-gray election. Although while I agonized over my own vote, my oldest son expressed well-contructed reasons for his views on the presidential election and the amendment votes. Depending on the election results, I may wish he could have voted. Even […]

I am thankful for…

my feet. Their crusty callousness reminds me I can never add enough balm to completely smooth my journey. They reflect my victories and defeats even as they hold my body in tenuous balance. I hide them in colorful socks, but they snag the fibers causing holes. My worn-down soles attest to my soul’s burdens. […]

I am thankful for…

my dad. Today I celebrate the man who inspired me with bedtime stories about a poor boy in the 1950s. The boy’s determination became a learned man’s wisdom as he listened to God every morning on his knees. I saw that boy’s determination with every job change, every out-of-state move, every decision […]

I am thankful for…

…the pounding overhead, the shingles scattered on our lawn. When I see their deteriorated tabs, I am thankful only a warning drip, only a small fading stain on our kitchen ceiling prompted us to call a contractor. Even though the insurance company denied our claims due to faulty materials and no hail […]

Who, Who Gives a Hoot?

An owl woke me before my alarm this morning. I lay in bed listening to his “hoo, hoo, hoo,” imagining his ear tufts forming a permanent scowl over his yellow eyes. His hooting began lower than the trees, below my window. Then he moved to the boughs near my roof or […]

Excuses, there is no excuse for you!

Excuses are quite rude. They do not sidle by in a crowded room with a cojoling, “Excuse me.” No, they barrel through the room, pointing out overflowing laundry bins, dirty breakfast dishes, mildewy bathrooms, and dusty corners. They come bearing lists. Peering over my shoulder, they whisper, “Shouldn’t you be […]

Q&A on Goodreads

Please join me for a discussion about my new collection of Christmas poetry, While Bethlehem Sleeps. In addition to answering your questions, I will post topics for us to discuss throughout the holiday season. Members are not required to read the book prior to the discussion. Simply join and read […]

Behind the Words

As a reader and an author, I appreciate insights from other writers. Where do they get their ideas? When are their best times to write? What inspires them? How do they deal with writer’s block and rejection? Why do they write? That last question bears the most weight because it […]