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Beyond Brown Fences

Thursday I was helping my son with ASD with his writing assignment. He had to describe what he can see out his bedroom window. Writing and describing was too overwhelming, so I offered to ask questions and write down his answers. Our conversation went something like the following. “What do you see out your window?” “I see […]


Monday night we got the news that vandals broke into our camper and several others. My husband went up yesterday to assess the damage. To our relief, they only broke our patio door and stole one TV and our old Xbox. Our neighbors experienced far worse from the senseless decimation […]

Post-Thanksgiving Monday

On this post-Thanksgiving Monday, I am thankful for my three hardworking, home schooled children. The well-deserved days off are over, which would usually result in a Monday of moaning and groaning. But, not this time. It shows me they can grow overnight, not just by proof of the sudden rise of pant […]