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Goal-setting for 2020 has been my primary concentration this week. While working through my new planner from Inkwell Press, I spent time going over what I accomplished in 2019. I noticed some key elements for success as I reflected and decided to reapply these same practices for 2020. One Word: In a previous post, I […]

The writing prompt said, Write about three realistic goals you would like to achieve in your lifetime. My immediate thought was Write. Since I was ten years old, I knew I wanted to be a writer. I am a writer. But, I have learned over the past quarter of a century that I am also […]

Four Stars Who We Were Before by Leah Mercer is unlike many books of this genre I have read before. I wasn’t sure how Mercer would pull off telling the story within a short period of time and bouncing between the character perspectives with a believable outcome. All in all, it was an entertaining read.

Love never gives up. 2 Corinthians 13:8 MSG Often going through difficult circumstances that affect every facet of well-being is when God reveals Himself the most in our personal stories. This devotional highlights scripture studied over a two-year time period and has been consolidated into a 31-day devotional. May God bless you through this narrative […]

Five Stars I absolutely loved The Pioneers by David McCullough. I listened to the Audible version, and the reader gave an engaging performance. I enjoyed learning about the westward expansion in the Ohio River Valley, a historical period I did not know much about before reading this book. McCullough does a superb job of recounting […]

In The Forget-Me-Nots, Katrina Wade thinks her solitary life will continue when her great-aunt Minnie moves into a nursing home after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. But, then she meets Aric Hammond, the nursing home director, and his son Gunnar, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Through her relationships with Aunt Minnie, Aric, and Gunnar, will Katrina […]

It is the end of your life and you are up on a stage being presented with a major award. What award is it, and what have you won it for? There’s a classic scene in the movie A Christmas Story when Ralphie’s father receives a major award. The man is beside himself as a […]

Four Stars Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes is an entertaining story about a young widow who rents the apartment in her Maine home to a washed-out professional baseball pitcher. There is laugh-out-loud dialogue and poignant insight. The language was stronger than I like, but tended to be confined to one character. The morals […]

Penny J. Johnson’s third collection of poetry invites readers into virtual rooms echoing with voices that developed the author’s past, consume the present, and anticipate the future. These reflections ignite poetic interest and inspire joy through sorrow. Welcome to a reading tour of family stories, kitchen conversations, camping adventures, care-giving insights, and more.